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Investor Intelligence helps you meet investors and manage the process of raising capital.

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Search, discover, analyze, connect and track investor outreach all in one place.

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Companies looking to raise capital from investors–Angel, Seed, Growth or late stage.
Our database includes investors from funds like:
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Pitch or make intros and have direct access to investors at the right firms across 35k+ angel investors, VC and family offices.
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Connect direct to investors.
Connect with investors and grow faster
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We help you send the right deal to the right investors. Find angel investors.
“Amazing...tracking what happens next really makes a difference in managing such a big process and saving time.”
Gastinelli White
Kitchen Mage
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Move investors through the funding process and always know where you're at with each prospect.
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automate investor outreach
Automate investor outreach
Outreach. once you have analyzed and researched the right investor from the filtered database you can connect to an investor with one click. We send and track the emails for you.
Learn more about investor outreach
In Talks. This is the heart of the fundraising process, you jump on a call or better or have a face to face meeting to pitch investors. Track your progress directly in your account.
Get more info about in talks & intro
Commitment. Manage investor relationships directly from your account. Track the investors who have completed due diligence and are ready to give you a check.
Getting funding commitments
Speak to investors interested in you
We'll send off the intro, pitch and help establish the connection so you can spend more time getting commitments from interested investors.
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What you can do with Investor Intelligence
30,000+ investors at your fingertips
Investor Intelligence is a comprehensive database of angel investors, venture capitalists, and investment funds you can use to quickly find & contact relevant investors
Find the right investor fit
Use filters to browse, analyze and research investors based on enriched data. See an investors contacts and past investments to make sure there is an investment fit prior to reaching out.
Investor emails, social profiles, phone numbers and more
Investor Intelligence is one of the largest investor contact databases available, helping you spend less time researching and more time pitching your company.
Our database of investors come from funds like Sequoia, Y Combinator, and KPCB
The investors in our database represent thousands of funds investing in early, growth and late stage companies.
Emails are sent and received from your mailbox. We do not read or send emails on your behalf. We do not have access to your email account.
Build lists and send email
Receive real time report of which investors are opening, reading and responding to your opportunity.