We are Investor Intelligence
We’re a technology product based in NYC, created by Epic Ai.
Our mission is to help startups raise the capital they need to grow their company. We use modern web technologies, data integrations, machine learning and machine automation to empower analysis, outreach, knowledge sharing, and better decision making.
How we started
Fundraising is hard. Over the past 10 years we've been working with start-up's looking for seed capital, successfully helping growth-stage companies raise at $1b+ valuation and even spent time sitting on boards of public traded companies. This has given us an incredible opportunity to not only help companies raise capital, but create a processs around it to improve our successs rate.
Our process is a mix of creating pitch materials, cold calling and email outreach. Initially it was pulled together using trello, gmail and a series of CRM tools. While the process worked well, there are things inefficient in the tools we used. We thought about how we could centeralize the process to make it even easier to manage. That is why we created Investor Intelligence. We are very excited about delivering our process in a tool so more teams can raise the capital they need to grow.