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Fundraising is hard. Over the past 20 years we have gained invaluable experience working with start-up’s looking for seed capital, and through our efforts, we have successfully helped growth-stage companies achieve $1b+ valuations. During this time we focused on feeding our minds by gaining real world experience working on Wall Street and by sitting on the boards of publicly traded companies. That gained experience has now given us an incredible opportunity to not only help companies raise capital, but to create, and continuously improve, the tools and processes that maximize success.

Our initial process started with a mix of optimal pitch materials, relentless cold calling and exhaustive email outreach. We pulled everything together using trello, gmail and a series of CRM tools. While the process worked well, we found that there were a lot of inefficiencies with the tools we were using. That pushed us to focus on ways to streamline the process and to develop the best tools to make the fund raising process incredibly easy for anyone. After many months of trials, developments and testing, we ended up creating Investor Intelligence. The Intelligent CRM for capital raisers.

In 2020, our team grew to include professional capital raisers and strategic business leaders to help continuously improve the process, streamline efficiencies and share best practices. We know how hard capital raising can be. That’s why we’re passionate about sharing Investor Intelligence, because we believe all great ideas deserve an equal opportunity to get funded.

Who we are


Melissa P Wilson

Partner / Communicator

M. Scott Wilson

Partner / CEO

Ryan Hickman


Tomer Dicturel


We're a team of founders and investors, builders and operators

Our collective team has extensive experience in fundraising sales and marketing, business operations and management, investment banking and finance, and direct investing too. Blending real world experience with cutting edge technology leads to powerful results. We are passionate about startup investing and creating a better future for teams and individuals just like you! Investor Intelligence is owned and operated by Wilson & Wilson Holdings LLC since 2020. This team brings over two decades of  investment securities sales and marketing and business development experience.

Investor Intelligence was founded in 2018 by EPIC.Ai. Epic was created as a platform to launch and grow startups. They provide education and tools to help startups through the entire founders journey: including education, mentorship, funding, development and growth. Epic’s software development team has utilized artificial intelligence in applications they built for start-ups and top fortune 100 enterprises alike. Together, we recognize that artificial intelligence can amplify human capabilities in ways that will transform the fund raising process as we know it.

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