With the COVID-19 crisis, companies are looking for opportunities where they can increase the visibility of their business and be helpful to people in need and  those affected by the pandemic.

Over the past year we’ve helped thousands of companies craft pitches, meet investors and raise capital for their venture. Notably one of the instruments we’ve used to help revenue generating companies with is revenue-based-funding. Through our Alternative Capital program we offer companies non-dilutive debt capital from $25k to $1M to grow their company.

In an effort to help provide companies critical capital during this crisis, we created Alternative Capital BOOST. The program is structured to provide revenue based funding to companies who make as little as $5k each month.

Learn more about Alternative Capital and revenue based funding.

If you are interested and want to apply, schedule a call with a team member.

Alternatively you can create an account and submit an application through the account page.

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