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Alternative Capital offers companies non-dilutive debt capital from $25k to $1M to grow their company.

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    What is Revenue based Financing?

    Revenue-Based Financing is non-dilutive funding based on your company’s monthly revenue. Your company receives funding and as the company generates new revenue, a percentage is paid back (between 2-9%). The monthly repayment requirement is not fixed like a bank loan. It’s based on your revenue for that month. The repayments end once they have totaled the funding amount plus a calculated multiple. Typically revenue-based financing terms are 3 years. The idea is that the solution aligns with your growth and cash flow, unlike credit card and bank lending.

    Revenue-based Financing

    • No Equity Dilution
    • No Board Seats
    • 30 Days to fund
    Equity Funding
    (VC, Angel)

    • No Equity Dilution
    • No Board Seats
    • 3-6 months to fund

    How it works.

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    You qualify if you have $5k+ MRR. We have a special program if you are pre-seed and need product development. Fill out an application.


    An Alternative Capital partner will conduct an interview with you and your team. If we can help, we’ll initiate due diligence.


    After successfully completing due diligence, we provide your company capital.

    “Thanks for the support! The platform is really fantastic. You guys helped me get a lot of meetings with investors ultimately helping me raise money for my round.”

    Jason Sherman, CEO TapRm

    We’re here to help you

    Our mission is to introduce new alternative funding resources, which help
    founders gain access to capital to accelerate growth.

    We believe earlier stage companies need a less complex fundraising experience so founders can focus on growth, product-market-fit, and customers. Since 2017 we’ve managed $3 million in revenue-based financing, which helps cash-strapped technology companies grow. In 2019 we partnered with several revenue-based lending providers, effectively creating a marketplace. This has enabled us to expand into asset-based lending and purchase order financing. Today we provide a range of alternative funding solutions to help companies accelerate customer acquisition, fund key hires, fund growth to improve valuation for future VC funding, and complement equity fundraising to lower cost of capital.

    Headquartered in New York City, we operate with a strong set of beliefs that our success depends on establishing aligned incentives with excellent founders. Our approach ensures product advancement, ultimately realizing a model to help companies accelerate growth.


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