Create, share & track business critical documents

Collection of startup docs, including term sheets, financial models, NDAs, and more. Complete with secure document sharing and tracking.

    “For startups looking to get setup to take in funding, Investor Intelligence is by far the best solution I’ve seen.”

    Jay Taylor, Taylor Louis LLP

    Trusted by 15,000+ successful companies & investors

    Secure Document Sharing & Tracking

    Raise capital the smart way

    Send business critical docs to pitch or update investors. Know who is engaged and track

      Manage distribution. No big file downloads, no clogged inboxes, and nothing lost to spam filters. Make updates without changing URLs.
      Control Access. Individual link sharing protects your document.
      Real Time Notifications. See what investors are viewing and where they spend their time on your documents.

      Easily Create Essential Documents

      Build documents to improve investor outreach. Executive Summary, Pitch Deck and more.

        409A Valuations

        Get your 409A done right

        Investor Intelligence’s 409a is an easy, time-efficient service provided in partnership with Meld. Meld has done 1,000+ Valuations and has a proven track record. Get your 409A valuation done right so you can safely grant stock options to your employees.

          One platform

          What you can do with Investor Intelligence

          Investor Database

          Comprehensive database of 100k+ angel investors, VCs, family offices and investment funds

          Investor Outreach

          Easily send emails to investors. Track opens, clicks and interest.

          409A valuations

          Reputable, audit-ready, fast, cost-effective 409As

          Alternative Capital

          Offering non-dilutive debt capital from $25k to $1M for growth


          Collection of startup docs, including term sheets, financial models, NDAs, and more.

          Investor Management

          Manage new investors and easily follow up with existing investors via updates

          Document Tracking

          Secure document sharing, whitelisting and support for electronic signatures

          Cap Table

          Easily keep accurate records of your company equity without needing to be a CPA.

          Investor Update Templates

          Keep your investors engaged with professional, beautiful investor relations updates

          “We wanted to get in front of notable VC firms, these guys did an amazing job at getting us meetings.
          Gregory Rosen CEO
          "The major revenue-based
          investing VCs"


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