Investor Intelligence helps existing fund managers and General Partners (GP’s), who are looking to set up or have set up a new investment fund and need help with finding Limited Partners (LP’s).

How Investor Intelligence connects potential LPs to GPs to raise investment for funds:

• Use artificial intelligence to benchmark your fund and identify target LPs
• Assist in crafting pitch materials for outreach
• Investor Intelligence makes introductions to our network of Family Offices
• Setup LP meetings
• Support you with LP conversions and follow up

Learn how Plexo Capital raised $10m from family offices.

Our Process:

We work very actively with our clients on coordination and outreach for your fund. Following initial setup, Investor Intelligence works in 4 sprints to initiate finding LPs for your fund.

Initial Setup
Week 1-4
Assessment of current fundraising goals, setup of trackable pitch materials.

Identify & Target LPs
Week 4-10
Create LP targeting criteria, build LP database and being outreach.

Generate Meetings
Week 10-20
Continue outreach and coordinate meetings with potential LPs.

Follow Up & Close
Week 20-25
Coordinate follow up and closing LPs.