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Alain Rodermann

Alain Rodermann is founder and managing partner of Expon Capital, a global VC firm started in 2015, based in Luxembourg and focusing on early stage exponentially growing digital ventures with a positive impact. Portfolio includes Catalyte, Spire Global, Itravel, Finarta, Wizata, Nannybag. He spent the first 8 years of his career in technical positions, leveraging his studies in mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science. He understood in 1995 that Internet Technologies would revolutionize the entire IT industry and decided to be part of this revolution by joining the startups ecosystem. After an MBA in 1997, He joined Innovacom, the Venture Arm of France Telecom, invested in early stage companies and had notable successes with the IPOs of Netvalue, Integra and, a company that generated $3 billion in yearly revenues just 6 years after inception. He became a Partner at Sofinnova in 1999, a leading Pan European Venture Capital Firm with a diversified early stage Life Science / IT strategy. He experienced the Dotcom boom and burst and the tough years that followed, for both start-ups and VCs. In this context, he managed to secure successes in Europe and the US (Email Vision, Maximiles, Atomz and Wyplay). He left Sofinnova in 2009 to start his own venture investments vehicle after 12 years of VC experience, 7 IPOs and having been through bear and bull cycles. Arenatis Capital was dedicated to pre-seed investments in Internet Services and Drug Development, his preferred sectors. The portfolio includes promising companies like Geneanet, Welovewords, Sirdata, and GMP Orphan. He received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from, Supelec, graduated Summa cum laude from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) where he obtained an MBA. He also holds an associate Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History.

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