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Diego Berdakin

Diego Berdakin is a Co-Founder and serves as President at Lucky Group. Previously, Berdakin also served as Chief Executive Officer at City Storage Syste Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice President of Strategy and Product at Slingshot Labs. Slingshot Labs, a division of News Corporation, is a web incubator dedicated to building new Internet companies. In this role, he was responsible for Product Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Corporate Development and Marketing. He is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in building business from the ground up. He has taken an innovative approach to many established business ideas, adapting them to shifting technological paradig Most recently, he co-founded a pioneering online escrow service, iEscrow.com, where he served as President. Concurrently, he served as a principal adviser to online marketing company, Bzzing, Inc. He also co-founded a Los Angeles based internet incubator, MD Capital, where he helped incubate successful start ups. Berdakin holds a Bachelors of Science from Northwestern University in Political Science with a specific interest in campaigning on the social web. He also serves as Advisor at Troy Capital Partners. He is also an Angel Investor.

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