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Hemant Taneja

Hemant Taneja serves as Managing Director at General Catalyst. Prior to this, he served as a Board Member at Gusto. He is a Board Member at Angle Technologies. He is a Chairman and a member of Board of Directors at MySun. Previously, he served as Board Member at SynapDx. He is also an Investor at Snapchat. He invests in technology-intensive software, hardware and services in clean energy and internet communications. He is a Board member of Health Insight Technologies, Virtual Instruments, Highfive, Hunch, Lumenz, Modular Wind, Sand9, C12 Energy, Stripe, TuneIn and Stion. Before joining General Catalyst in 2002, he was a co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Isovia, a Boston-based mobile software and applications company that was acquired by JP Mobile (MOT) in 2001. Taneja holds an M.S. in Operations Research, an M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, a B.S. in Mathematics, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and a B.S. in Biology & Biomedical Engineering all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He serves as a Board Member at Stripe. he also serves on Board of Fundbox.

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