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Oleg Uritsky

Oleg Uritsky is the Co-Founder and serves as Managing Partner at Fort Point Angels. A successful and innovative entrepreneur, Uritsky is an investor in the transportation, health care, real estate and venture fund industries. He owned and operated a fleet of Boston taxi medallions and other ground transportation services and was a widely recognized spokesperson advocating on behalf of taxi-fleet owners before government regulatory agencies. Uritsky sold taxi medallions in 2012 at near peak values. He was also principal of a network of community-based health care centers in Massachusetts that were acquired by Civitis Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:CIVI) in 2014. In the real estate sector, he invests in multi-unit rental and commercial properties in Boston and the surrounding suburbs, including subsidized housing developments. His real estate portfolio consists of 900+ rental units. A hands-on businessperson who started the majority of his companies with his own funds, Uritsky exhibits a disciplined approach to the risks and rewards of launching new ventures. Exit returns and valuations of his overall equity portfolio from inception measures in tens of multiples. During his regulatory legal career, Uritsky worked for the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. He received a joint JD/MBA degree from Northeastern University and completed postgraduate studies in monetary economics and corporate finance at Harvard University. Uritsky is a licensed attorney in Massachusetts and New York. He is a member of Boston Economic Club, Harvard Club and Committee on Foreign Relations. He has traveled extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America. An avid reader of non-fiction business and history literature, Uritsky lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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