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Ryan is a passionate husband, father, entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor, and creative thinker. Ryan has had a lifelong love of tech. He first learned how to program at 11, developed his first site at 13 and started his first internet business at the age of 16. Prior to Base, Ryan was the CEO and co-founder of AppStores.com, which was acquired by InMobi (one of the largest mobile advertising companies). AppStores.com was a white label app store platform that gives publishers the tools to run their own micro app stores. Ryan founded AppStores.com after leaving Facebook, where he was an early employee and part of the Platform team. While at Facebook he helped major platform partners like Disney, Hulu and Spotify effectively leverage the Facebook Platform. Before Facebook, Ryan co-founded Ping.fm (acquired by Seesmic), a service that allows users to post across multiple social networks at once. He has also worked at CBS Interactive in San Francisco as a Senior Product Designer, where he launched the very first implementation of Facebook Connect and numerous social applications for various properties. Ryan holds a degree in Visual Design from Oklahoma Wesleyan University, is left-handed, but also loves to code. This gives him a unique perspective that allows him to be a huge asset in product, marketing, engineering, and operations to the companies he advises and invests in.

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