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Sofia Hmich

Sofia Hmich is a Co-Founder and serves as General Partner at Future Positive Capital. Sofia's career spans technology innovation, investment and social impact. Prior to founding Future Positive Capital, she managed early stage investments at Index Ventures, Europe's top venture capital firm, working directly with leading European angel investor Robin Klein. There she led Index's investments in dozens of companies, such as CityMapper, The Food Assembly, Farfetch, Transferwise, ROLI, PactCoffee, Kano, and Seedcamp III. Before joining Index, Sofia worked for technology companies like Google and Deezer, and founded three education nonprofits. Sofia was chosen as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Finance, is a WEF Global Shaper, a Founder of the Future at Founders Forum, and is an expert advisor to the French government to define the "France 2020" vision. With her international experience, intellectual and philosophical curiosity and a love of rapid-fire conversation (in no less than four languages), Sofia is also an engaging and sought-after speaker and mentor.

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