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Investors funding App Discovery startups

Jeff Tannenbaum

BlueRun Ventures

founder / investor / coder / designer

Rudy Gadre


Based in Seattle. Invests in Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Search Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Games, Hardware, Marketplaces, App Discovery, Mobile Devices, Real Estate, Software, Social Media, Communities, Social Commerce, QA, SaaS, Advertising Platforms, Recruiting, File Sharing, Education, Social Recruiting, College Recruiting, Life Sciences

Jeff Pulver


Based in New York City. Invests in Consumer Internet, Mobile, Social Media, Location Based Services, VoIP, Local, App Discovery, Events, Professional Networking, Messaging, File Sharing, Music, Big Data, Music Services, Games, Entertainment, Mobile Games, Software, Digital Media, ECommerce, Musical Instruments, Mobile Advertising, Local Advertising, Social Mobile Local, SaaS

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