Find investors funding Automotive companies

Investors funding Automotive startups

David Tisch


Based in New York City. Invests in Consumers, ECommerce, Mobile, Sports, Social Media, Games, Location Based Services, Information Technology, Media, Enterprises, Finance, Loyalty Programs, Real Estate, Design, Business Intelligence, Bridging Online and Offline, Recruiting, Fashion, Information Services, Storage, Business Services, Small and Medium Businesses, Platforms, Retail, Education, B2B, Entertainment, Healthcare, Reviews and Recommendations, Travel, Fitness, Prediction Markets, Events, Automotive, Virtual Workforces, Investment Management, College Campuses, Technology, Art, Health and Wellness, Consumer Internet, SaaS, Sales and Marketing, Security, Online Travel, Internet Infrastructure, Marketplaces, Social Travel, PeertoPeer, Big Data, Social Commerce

James Bailey

Velos Partners

Based in Los Angeles. Invests in Mobile, Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, ECommerce, Digital Media, General Aviation, Automotive

Alireza Masrour

Plug and Play Chicago

Based in Sunnyvale. Invests in Consumer Internet, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Search, Video Streaming, Online Video Advertising, ECommerce, Video, Automotive, Marketplaces, Big Data, Social Commerce, Application Platforms, Mobile Games

Tytus Michalski

Fresco Capital

Based in Hong Kong. Invests in Mobile, Software, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Internet, Robotics, Education, Finance, Fashion, Digital Media, ECommerce, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Consumer Internet, Games, Bridging Online and Offline, WomenFocused, Small and Medium Businesses, Local, Risk Management, Social Recruiting, Recruiting, College Recruiting, Social Media, Mobile Commerce, Sales and Marketing, Marketplaces, Hardware, Big Data, Analytics, Bioinformatics, Personal Health, Platforms, Health and Wellness, Travel, Design, Web Development, Automotive, Business Services, Cloud Data Services, Aerospace, Outdoors, Mass Customization, PaaS, Personalization

Allison Baum

Fresco Capital

Based in Hong Kong. Invests in Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Healthcare, Small and Medium Businesses, Sales and Marketing, Logistics, Hardware Software, Big Data, WomenFocused, Aerospace, Analytics, Automotive, Bioinformatics, Bridging Online and Offline, Education, Business Services, Cloud Data Services, Design, Digital Media, Health and Wellness, Infrastructure, Recruiting, Risk Management, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Travel, Web Development, Local, Marketplaces, PaaS, Mobile Commerce, Games, SaaS, Personalization, Platforms

Jared Kopf


Based in San Francisco. Invests in Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile Games, Mobile Coupons, Payments, Platforms, Social Media Platforms, Entertainment, File Sharing, Fashion, Education, Financial Exchanges, ECommerce, Quantitative Marketing, Online Travel, Online Video Advertising, iPhone, iPad, Social Commerce, Location Based Services, Local Advertising, Marketplaces, Search, Social Media, Games, Cloud Computing, Automotive, Big Data, Development Platforms, Reviews and Recommendations, Deals

Saar Gur


Based in Palo Alto. Invests in Consumers, Information Technology, Media, Finance, Education, Platforms, Retail, Personal Health, Small and Medium Businesses, Bridging Online and Offline, Design, Real Estate, Travel, Automotive, Mobile, Social Media, Chat, Communities, SaaS, Payments, Marketplaces, Deep Information Technology, Productivity Software, Reviews and Recommendations, Mobile Payments, Mobile Health, Bitcoin, Collaborative Consumption

Cottonwood Technology Fund

Cottonwood Technology Fund is a venture capital firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a focus on the Southwest US and northern Europe and was founded in 2009. The firm invests in technology companies operating in the communications, biotechnology, health and wellness and clean technology sectors.

Jose Marin

Grinda Marin Fund

Based in London. Invests in Consumer Internet, ECommerce, Marketplaces, Social Commerce, Health and Wellness, Hardware, Security, Consumer Electronics, Online Travel, Social Travel, Travel, Automotive, Parenting, Kids, Social Games, Video Games, Mobile Games, Casual Games, WomenFocused, Data Mining, Content Discovery, Online Shopping, Parking, Collaborative Consumption, Food and Beverages

Marissa Mayer

Lumi Labs

Based in San Francisco. Invests in Mobile, Consumer Internet, Deep Information Technology, Mobile Payments, Digital Media, Social Commerce, Lifestyle Businesses, Automotive, Marketplaces, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Recruiting, Human Resources, B2B, Analytics, Big Data, Hardware, Energy, Consumer Electronics, Search, Maps, Email, Video, Mobile Games, Online Video Advertising


Betaspring is a mentorship-driven, Providence-based startup accelerator program for technology and design entrepreneurs who are ready to build a product and launch a company. The Betaspring program runs twice a year for 12 weeks during both the Spring and Fall. During the first ten weeks, the teams involved will work hard on developing working prototypes from concepts, or on scaling the business if there is already a working model. Each week, teams will meet with advisers that will offer feedback on the concepts, ideas and prototypes, as well as provide valuable insight into how to scale a company, deal with obstacles along the way, and how to manage large scale adoption when it comes. The final two weeks of the program will be spent honing team pitches as participants present to and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. During the Demo Day event, Betaspring teams present their company to investors. Betaspring will also provide teams with a small amount of seed capital (up to $20,000) free legal counsel, incorporation filing, and other legal work necessary to make startups investable at a scale. Additionally, teams have access to Betaspring HQ, a fully-equipped workspace for participants and the other teams to get together to meet, share ideas and work on their companies. Teams that choose to remain in Providence for 12 months after completing the program are eligible for a $50,000 equity investment from the city of Providence. Since 2009, Betaspring has accelerated 57 companies and alumni have raised $20M in follow-on funding.

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