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Investors funding Cryptocurrency startups

Nikhil Kalghatgi

Partner6 Investment Group

Nikhil is CEO of CoVenture Crypto and Partner at CoVenture. CoVenture Crypto is a multi-strategy cryptocurrency asset management firm backed by SBI Holdings and a group of former Goldman Sachs Partners. CoVenture is an alternative asset manager, focused on emerging technology-driven asset classes. CoVenture executes this theme across three principal investment platforms: Venture Capital, Speciality Lending and Cryptocurrency. Nikhil was previously a Partner at Vast Ventures, led early stage investments at SoftBank Capital, Founded Partner 6 Investment Group, a hedge fund in Boston and then joined the founding team of Localytics, a mobile application analytics provider. Nikhil is a recovering engineer with several years of experience in front-end design and development focused on mobile and web UX before completing his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver is the Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Bitcoinstore. He also serves as Chairman of Cryptocurrency Advisory Board at MGT Capital Investments. He was the Director of Marketing at BitInstant. He brings to us his experience at his company MemoryDealers using and promoting bitcoin in an online retail environment. With a background in economics and moral philosophy, Roger has contributed some keen insights on marketing bitcoin in general and how BitInstant's service fits into the overall economy. He also serves on the Board of Advisors of The Naga Group.

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton is an entrepreneur, thought leader, investor and founder of He became interested in the e-commerce industry more than 10 years ago, when he worked in Chicago as a stock and commodities broker on the Mercantile Exchange. Hamilton began investing in e-commerce ventures because of the high returns, and he began purchasing e-commerce websites, which served as a good vehicle for tax mitigation. He recognized the importance of providing a bitcoin payment option for international clients and reaped the rewards of early cryptocurrency ownership. As Hamilton’s interest in e-commerce matured, so did his passion to align himself with people who shared his interests and were creative. This led him to be a venture capitalist; he has now invested in a number of successful e-commerce start-ups. “My eye for talent led me to partner with some of the smartest people in the e-commerce space,” says Hamilton, “the same people who now make up the Coupit team.”

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