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Investors funding Customer Experience startups

Craig Vodnik

Experienced customer experience billing executive that loves growing global businesses and building employee careers. I value honest communication, transparent thinking, collaborative problem solving, empowering passionate employees and a bias towards action.

Hans Hickler

Hans Hickler is an angel investor. He is the Founder and serves as CEO & Executive Advisor of Strategic Leadership at Ellipsis Advisors. He serves as a Board Member of Lumini. He serves as a Board Advisor at Lanetix. Hans Hickler serves as Board Member at KleenGel Medical. Hans Hickler serves as Board Member at VenX Medical and MEla Artisans. He joined DHL in 2005, and most recently served as Chief Executive Officer of DHL Global Customer Solutions, responsible for the customer relationship management of the group's largest customers. Prior to that, Hickler served as Chief Executive Officer of DHL Express in the United States. In that position, he focused on building out the DHL Express US network and implementing numerous service initiatives. In this capacity, he devised strategies to bolster the company's standing in the express shipping industry and also implemented a recognized Customer Experience Initiative aimed to deepen customer engagement and enhance customers' experiences. Hickler started his career in the ocean transportation business, and for the next 20 years he held senior positions including Sales, General Management, CIO for the NOL Group and CEO of APL Logistics. Hickler has served on the boards of several startup ventures in the automotive, technology and medical device sectors. He holds a Ba in Comparative Literature from Brown University and a degree from Aiglon College.

Stefan Koenig

Stefan Koenig is a Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Hull. An engineer by training, Stefan worked his way through multiple engineering and technical roles before shifting his focus to business operations. Most recently, he led the North American launch of two European tech companies, which ultimately merged and were acquired by SAP, fueling SAP's cloud strategy. Upon realizing that making extraordinary customer experiences online was needlessly difficult, Stefan co-founded Hull to simplify customer engagement and allow companies to build unified customer experiences across devices, campaigns and platforms to obtain immediately actionable insight.

Blake Rosenthal

GEOARM Security

Founded GeoArm Security based on the idea that home security should have no contracts or hidden fees! We were a pioneer company in the DIY self-installation and maintenance movement. By focusing, first and foremost, on the customer experience we have grown exponentially into one of the industry leaders. Our innovative do-it-yourself business model has disrupted the traditional home security market.

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