Find investors funding Human Computer Interaction companies

Investors funding Human Computer Interaction startups

Craig Albrecht

Bodley Group

Enterprise software investor. Midwesterner.

Vaughn Blake

Autochrome Ventures

Based in Los Angeles. Invests in Fin Tech, Trusted Networks, Water, Virtual Reality, Space Flight Support, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Blockchains, Deep Learning, Robotics, Human Computer Interaction

David Cohen


Based in Colorado. Invests in Internet, Developer APIs, Cloud Computing, Human Computer Interaction, SaaS, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Social Media, Food and Beverages, Online Travel, Big Data, Loyalty Programs

Mark Solon

Highway 12 Ventures

Based in Boise. Invests in Social Media, SaaS, Sales and Marketing, Food and Beverages, Cloud Infrastructure, Music, Direct Marketing, Human Computer Interaction, Mobile, Digital Media, Consumer Internet, Fitness, Big Data, Internet, Transportation

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