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Investors funding Human Resources startups

Mathias Ockenfels

Moi Ventures

I ❤️ network effects @Speedinvest✖️ | Alumni: @Uniplaces @PointNineCap @Naspers @ricardo_ch | Passion for startups, 🥊🥋 🏃 🏍 🍫 ☕️ | VAMO

Michael Lazerow

Buddy Media

Based in New York City. Invests in Internet, Social Commerce, Social Media, Social Media Platforms, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Education, Marketplaces, ECommerce Platforms, Venture Capital, Blogging Platforms, Human Resources, Search Marketing, ECommerce, Fashion, Supply Chain Management, Collaborative Consumption, Real Estate, Hospitality, Advertising, SaaS, Identity Management, Software, Billing

Eliot Durbin

boldstart ventures

Based in New York City. Invests in Mobile Enterprise, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Big Data, Enterprise Security, SaaS, Mobile Commerce, CRM, B2B, Application Platforms, Cloud Data Services, Analytics, Crowdfunding, Early Stage IT, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Collaboration, Recruiting, Human Resources, Publishing, Small and Medium Businesses, ECommerce, Marketplaces

Kris Duggan


Based in Palo Alto. Invests in Internet, B2B, Social Media, Digital Media, Media, Enterprise Software, Finance Technology, SaaS, Human Resources

Auren Hoffman


Based in San Francisco. Invests in Big Data, Enterprises, B2B, Platforms, Recruiting, Human Resources, Enterprise Software, Analytics, Marketplaces, Data Mining, Services, Consulting, Adtech, Sales and Marketing, Data

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