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Investors funding Maps startups

Bobby Yazdani

Signatures Capital

Based in San Francisco. Invests in All Markets, Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Bioinformatics, Cloud Data Services, Marketplaces, Outsourcing, Analytics, Market Research, Usability, User Experience Design, File Sharing, Search, Maps, Email, Mobile Advertising, Advertising, Advertising Exchanges, Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Travel, Education, PeertoPeer, K12 Education, Transportation

Marissa Mayer

Lumi Labs

Based in San Francisco. Invests in Mobile, Consumer Internet, Deep Information Technology, Mobile Payments, Digital Media, Social Commerce, Lifestyle Businesses, Automotive, Marketplaces, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Recruiting, Human Resources, B2B, Analytics, Big Data, Hardware, Energy, Consumer Electronics, Search, Maps, Email, Video, Mobile Games, Online Video Advertising

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