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Nicolas Dessaigne


Nicolas is a firm believer of “culture-first” companies and am focused on building just that at Algolia where team empowerment is how they accomplish their goals. Prior to co-founding Algolia with Julien, he spent over 12 years working on information retrieval at Exalead and Thales. At Algolia they believe every website and app deserves great search! they offer a hosted Search API that helps developers deliver an instant and relevant search experience. We’ve seen that search is a great touch point to optimize – they regularly see double digit increases in engagement on sites when they improve their search UX. When they founded Algolia in 2012 it was originally going to be a local SDK for mobile app search. They changed direction and realized that they needed to offer search as a hosted SaaS service, but it was those early mobile optimizations that gave us their unique advantage. They are one of the few search solutions that has been developed from scratch, and they never would have gone that direction if they hadn’t originally been focused on mobile search. His focus has been first and foremost on making Algolia a great place to work. They have a unique culture here that values ownership as its pillar. They want to create a company where every team member takes initiative, gets out of their comfort zone, is empowered to make decisions; in short: be free to be their best. He is recently spoken at SaaStock on the challenges of running a company based in both Paris and San Francisco. His priority lately has been on scaling their growth and ramping up their team size.

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