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Investors funding Outdoors startups

Quin Garcia

Autotech Ventures

Quin Garcia is the founder and Managing Director of Autotech Ventures. Raised in Silicon Valley, Quin is a lifelong “car guy” who has spent his career solving transportation problems with technology. He has dedicated his career to using technology to create safe, equitable, convenient, clean transportation for all. Autotech Ventures is a transportation-focused venture capital firm that bridges between startups and corporations. The firm’s two funds, with over $200m in assets under management, have invested in dozens of mobility startups such as Lyft, Outdoorsy, Volta Charging, Spothero, and Frontier Car Group. Quin has served as a Board Director, Board Observer, or Advisory Board member at numerous mobility startups, including Lyft, Peloton Technology, Deepscale, Connected Signals, and Frontier Car Group. As a venture capitalist, Quin is most energized by enabling the success of mobility entrepreneurs by advising them on business development, recruitment and fundraising. The 20+ mobility startups that Quin has been involved with since 2007 have grown to over $20B in valuation. In 2007-2012, Quin was a founding team member of Better Place, an audacious startup hatched via the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program to eliminate global oil dependence by deploying electric vehicle recharging infrastructure across nations. Beginning in 2005, Quin was a management consultant at Strategic Management Solutions, primarily serving Fortune 500 automaker and consumer electronic clients. Quin is a frequent speaker on mobility tech at leading conferences including the North American International Auto Show, ITS America, South By Southwest, and Collision Conference. He is also a guest lecturer on mobility venture capital at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Quin has been featured in the BBC, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Wired, Fortune and MIT Technology Review.

Clint Watson

Clint Watson is the single founder of web company (founded in 2001) that creates web applications for visual artists. He is also the lead developer. Even as a child, his two main passions were tinkering with computer programming and creating art. After graduating with an Information Systems degree in 1993, Clint became a director and, later, a partner at Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, a major national art gallery. He spent the next eleven years learning the art marketing game. As one of the gallery's primary salespeople, Clint gained experience by helping clients connect with artworks and artists that they truly loved...resulting in total personal sales in seven-figures, and, more-importantly countless lives enriched through artwork. This experience gives him an authoritative platform from which to now advise artists on art marketing and sales....teaching them what really works....and what to ignore as hype or fads. Realizing that the Internet was destined to play an ever-increasing role in the marketing strategy of artists, in 2001, Clint launched, now [FASO](, a website creation tool and marketing system for fine artists to create professional art websites He subsequently left the gallery business and now focuses all of his attention on helping his artist clients create websites and providing them with marketing ideas, opportunities and advice. He firmly believes that artists can change the world with their artworks and strives daily to help them make that a reality. Clint lives in Texas and the virtual world. He often takes time out to enjoy the great outdoors.

Ted Wang

Cowboy Ventures

Ted has spent his career helping start ups ranging from a founding team with an idea to the world’s largest technology companies. He has worked with a number of industry defining companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Square, Zuora and Jet. Ted invests in both consumer and B2B companies. On the consumer side, he is focused on using software to improve the quality of our lives, investing in companies such as Aura Health. On the enterprise side, Ted focuses on ''unsexy'' technology that helps people automate mundane taxes, such as LumaTax and Prior to Cowboy, Ted was a partner at the law firm of Fenwick & West where he was recognized as one of the country’s leading technology lawyers. Ted is a Duke Blue Devil, a wandering traveler, a devotee of live music, a low skill but high energy outdoorsman, and an overly emotionally committed local sports fan. He practices a philosophy of basking in the joy of life and trying to squeezing as much out of every moment as possible. He has two children, a patient and understanding wife and a crazy dog named Charlie.

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