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Tim Draper


Based in Silicon Valley. Invests in Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Digital Media, Financial Services, Venture Capital, Online Travel, Marketplaces, Travel, Social Commerce, Personal Finance, Reviews and Recommendations, Big Data, Social Recruiting, Recruiting, Professional Networking, Local, Small and Medium Businesses, Bridging Online and Offline, Quantified Self, ECommerce, Payments, Mobile Commerce, Productivity Software, Email

Jeff Tannenbaum

BlueRun Ventures

founder / investor / coder / designer

George Kellerman

Yamaha Motor Ventures Laboratory Silicon Valley

All things tech. Living the dream by being a good husband and father, surfing, sailing, skating, and powered hang gliding!

Javier Megias


CEO & co-founder at - Entrepreneur, investor & blogger

Ariel Poler


Based in San Francisco. Invests in Information Technology, Consumers, Media, Enterprises, Transportation, Mobile, ECommerce, Social Commerce, Wearables, Neuroscience, Emotions, Quantified Self

Reid Hoffman


Old Twitter account. See @reidhoffman for new Twitter account for Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn and Greylock

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