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Investors funding Shoes startups

Damon Way

Founder/CEO of @tvnnel. Partner/Brand Advisor @incase. Co-founder of @dc-shoes.

Guy Armitage

Zealous Co

Guy graduated MSci Artificial Intelligence from Kings College London, before working 3 years for the London Stock Exchange, heading up the FTSE reviews and streamlining processes within the business. In 2006, Guy quit to start a IT consultancy and contracting company in Cairo, Egypt (Bright Creations), where he and his partner grew to 25 employees, and contracts with local and international companies (Google), before selling up and returning to the UK (2 weeks before the Egyptian Revolution). Upon returning Guy came up with Zealous, a creative network aimed at empowering artists worldwide, facilitating collaboration, promotion and distribution of media across all creative fields. Having spent the first year bootstrapping on a shoestring budget, Zealous hired it's first employee in January 2012.

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