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Vit Prajzler


Versatile all-round tech leader, engineer & scientist. Generalist, Jack of All Trades, and Chuck Norris of Internet of Things, with two decades of experience in software and cloud services engineering. Built successful products ranging from embedded devices to global cloud software with unparalleled scalability and security. I live Lean & Agile. Started coding in Pascal with 12 years, built my first PC from components around 14, and by 15 I started making money by coding web pages as a freelancer. Ever since, I stayed curious and sailed on the wave of modern technologies. With unquenchable thirst to understanding everything, in depth, eventually I realized I became a technology generalist. Over the past decade, I have acquired a deep, full-stack expertise in IoT: processing radio modulations, through hardware design, embedded software engineering, manufacturing & supply chain management, large-scale, distributed back-end engineering, design of user and management interfaces, APIs, and applications. Speaker at IoT conferences and technical copywriter. IoT coach, mentor and evangelist. Guitarist and backing vocalist of couple of rock bands. Passionate motorbiker with need for speed. My hobbies include composing, music production, blockchain, hashchain, cryptocurrencies, autonomous cars, autonomous flight, particle physics and astrophysics. Today, I leverage my broad skillset as CEO & CTO of LORIOT, building the future of IoT.

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