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Fabio Lalli


CEO @iquii - Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Wearables & IoT lover. Focused on #Sport #Fashion #Retail #Loyalty

Gordon Casey

Brave Technology Coop

Gordon Casey is the founder of the Brave Technology Coop. Brave prevents fatal overdose through technology-enabled tools that connect people when they're most at risk of overdose. From mobile apps, to smart buttons and overdose detection wearables, the Brave platform has been co-designed by the community most affected by the current crisis: those that are at risk of overdose themselves. As a multi-stakeholder cooperative, Brave is owned by its members, including the end-users of its technology. They believe that there is no one size fits all technology solution here, but an approach that combines community, dignity, safety and technology (in all its different forms) can help the majority of people currently at risk of overdose. Gordon was born in Zambia, raised between Ireland and Qatar and Montreal, he graduated from the University of Cape Town and became a lawyer for a little while before ending up in Curacao for 15 years, working in hedge fund administration before starting his own firm as a legal consultant. He's currently on the board of StartingBloc, as US based non-profit social impact fellowship, the Hastings Crossings BIA, and ACTive Chance, a Curacao-based foundation. He spends his weekends with his wife, his amazing daughter and a puppy disguised as a human boy.

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