The fundraising journey
Finding the right investment partner takes a funnel of interested investors. We help you build your funnel.
Raising money is not easy, in fact it's safe to say that it's really hard. If you want to fund your startup, many times is nessessary. We been helping companies raise capital successfully for years and have created a process to make it easier. We call this process "The Journey".
The journey fundraising process
Fundraising is a game of numbers... The number of great relationships you have. The number of intro's your colleagues can make. The number of successsful exists you team has had.
The challenge many startups face is they don't have these numbers.
This process details how to raise capital when you don't have these amazing relationships and equips you with the tools you need to finish your round successfully.
Research: filter from our database to identify the right investors for you. If you are seed stage, it's not the best fit to reach out to growth stage funds. Use our tools to match to industry, location, model and type to improve your success rates when you begin outreach. Fill your pipeline with potentials.
Analyze: We enrich data of each investor profile. We add social profiles, additional contact information and even their past investment history. These data points can be great indicators to see if the potential investor is a match for your field, and most importantly can be added value for your company. Many investors don't want to just provide capital, so using these data points to to improve your research goes a long way with fundraising discussions.
Connect: Statisitcally when you do outreach Back to tinder its numbers game, you will reach out via e, mail and if you know someone in common on linked you will ask for introduction as its always better when someone can say a good word about you. only 4-5% of you e, mail will get a response and you will soon find out the getting intro on LinkedIn is not as easy, to get 10 meeting you need to e, mail 200 investors that fit your company. we have made this step easy you set up your template once and from here the connection is one click away and remember to perfect your pitch deck before sending you only get one time to make first impression. Fourth Stop: Communicate Some investors will open e, mail some will not some will tell you are great and ask for a meeting and additional materials and some will say you suck. Remember 90-95% of investors will reject you and your idea even Howard Schultz, Starbucks founder say "I was turned down by 217 of the 242 investors I initially talked to." if you know how to deal with rejection great if you don't start learning now its big part of the journey and you can not give up- your idea is too good !!! the board job is to make it easy for you to see it all in one place and make sure you got back to everyone and on time. Fifth Stop: Momentum and push we are almost done, remember the journey is long that why it's called J... ( journey) now the wheels are turning your main job is to create momentum, lots of conference calls, emails, and most effective meetings and you should do it every minute of the day you should be pushing. Fix Stop and last: put your Mariano Rivera jersey ( greatest baseball closer of all time) and get to business. 20 meetings a month is good and should yield some $$$ in your nak but if not don't get discouraged think of Howard Schultz, now if you did 60 meeting and nothing it might be time to evaluate, listen to some of the feedback and adjust.