Find the most relevant investors for your new fund

We connect GPs to relevant LPs helping them generate meetings and realize fast closings.

    "We’re on a mission to change the way companies fundraise."
    Tomer Dicturel,
    Institutional LPs
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    Generate meetings and realize fast closings

    Investor Intelligence uses technology and long term relationships in helping Fund Managers navigate quickly and find the right LPs.

    Our clients are from Western Europe, Israel and The United States. We focus on helping create fund marketing and pitch materials. We identify relevant LP’s and generate meetings in a short period of time.

    Investor intelligence helps Alternative Investment Funds

    • Venture Capital
    • Growth Fund
    • Debt Venture
    • Real-estate Fund

    Our Process

    We work very actively with our clients on coordination and outreach for your fund. Following initial setup, Investor Intelligence works in 4 sprints to initiate finding LPs for your fund.

    Initial Setup

    Week 1-4

    Assessment of current fundraising goals, setup of trackable pitch materials.

    Identify & Target LPs

    Week 4-10

    Create LP targeting criteria, build LP database and begin outreach.

    Generate Meetings

    Week 10-20

    Continue outreach and coordinate meetings with potential LPs.

    Follow Up & Close

    Week 20-25

    Coordinate follow up and closing LPs.

    “We needed money for fulfillment and had no investors. Once we starting reaching out, we got meetings to pitch investors. We found two investors who were a fit and moved forward with closing the round.”

    Jack Guy, Founder

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