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Investor Updates

Investor Updates

Sending updates to your investors on a regular basis is an essential way to build trust and confidence with them. The better your relationship with your investor, the more likely they are to participate in your next round and refer you to new potential investors.

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Investors agree startups that communicate perform better.
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Y Combinator Investor Update Template

An investor update template from Aaron Harris of Y Combinator. Aaron recommends highlighting repeatable KPIs and major asks for your investors.

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Techstars’ Minimum Viable Update

In the “Minimum Viable Investor Update”, Jens Lapinski, Former Managing Director of Techstars METRO, lays out 3 items that he finds most useful.

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Founder Collective Investor Template

An investor Update template for busy founders put together by the team at Founder Collective. Simply fill out the bolded sections and have your investor Updates out the door in no time.

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Investor Updates

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